Elephants never forget... just get distracted

21 years with type 1 diabetes and this very seldom happens but it does happen. I did say to myself "how is it possible that I forgot to bolus for a meal?" 

Then I reminded myself that it usually happens when a young person starts a sentence with "Mom ...".

Anyway, I very rarely forget to take my bolus insulin but this morning I did. It was breakfast. I usually catch the error when I'm expecting my insulin pump to notify me that it's been two hours since I bolused and that I should be my post-meal blood glucose test. This morning I had the added incentive of my weekly coffee morning and wanting to test before I left the house. 

I tested and I was 17.8 mmol/ls (323 mg/dl)!!! I knew I had started the day with reasonable (i.e. single digit) number, so I went into my pump history to see if I actually bolused. Surprise!!! No bolus, thank goodness for insulin pump histories. 
I took my correction bolus of 2+ units and wondered how taking my insulin before breakfast can make such a HUGE difference? I have a medium sized bowl of porridge (I know, boring but reliable) and take 0.60 units which usually brings me in a little under the target for the two hours post-meal test. However, two cups of coffee later I'm on target for lunch.
I'm surprised that 0.60 units make such a difference, compared to the 2 units I needed to cover my breakfast two hours later.

I pause for thought!