The Diabetes Christmas Challenge!!!!

I may be a bit late with this post as we are only two weeks away from the season’s climax. Most people love the Party Season but for people with diabetes this can be the most difficult time of the year to stay on top of it. The Christmas season presents many temptations with big neon Christmas lights, trying to manage party after party, then, when Christmas day arrives you find you’re sitting around a lot in the presence of bad food choices.
How do you deal with having all this time on yours hands while you’re off work?

I remember the years when I was single and went home to my parents for Christmas for two weeks. There was lots of sitting around, eating and watching tv. I think that if I had that experience now I would have a difficult time getting back to normal in January.

These days, I’m lucky that my job is a stay-at-home Mom because my daily routine doesn’t change much over the holidays. On the years we have an Irish Christmas we spend only a couple of days away from home visiting family and I’m not a big fan of Christmas pudding and usually don’t have enough room for it after dinner. I tend to get my diabetes back on track when we leave the family.

On the years that we have a good old US Christmas the good stuff disappears very quickly when there are 21 people in the house, so if it’s there I have it, if it’s not it’s no big deal. Plus, we tend to organise lots of activities to keep the children entertained and the adults sane. You can’t keep 9 children cooped up in a house and expect them to be relatively quiet!

The fact that I don’t have that dread of all the Christmas parties means that I probably have a more positive attitude towards it. I LOVE the build up towards it more than the actual day itself. I love buying presents, I do miss having parties to go to but not that much, I love the lights and decorations, I love sending Christmas cards … and getting them.

My tip to you would be to remember that it’s only really one week, keep your head and insulin is your friend. Happy Holidays and wishing you a healthy and fit new year.