I’m doing it for Diabetes!!! Volunteers needed.

I know - its fun run season and there’s a 10K organised in your area every single weekend from now until October. The sponsorship cards are being thrown at you from left, right and centre. And I know that I’m adding to that long list of charities that need & deserve your cash.

But I’m still asking and hoping that you will join me.

The Clare 10K takes place on Saturday, the 25th June in Lees Road Sports & Amenities Park. I am looking for volunteers to walk with me (or run ahead:-s) and raise money for the Clare branch of Diabetes Ireland.

Diabetes Ireland Clare branch tries to fund raise only a couple of times a year so as to not make lots of demands on your pocket.

Why does Diabetes need money?

• 440 Irish people will die every year because of Diabetes (from CSO 2006 census).

• 314 Irish legs will be amputated because of complications of Diabetes this year (from Diabetes Action podiatry campaign).

• Study after study shows that if people with diabetes are provided with structured education on how to manage their diabetes that it reduces their risks of developing the diabetes complications that lead to death.

• People with diabetes must deliver 95% of their own care, it is of paramount importance that they receive on-going, high-quality diabetes education that is tailored to their needs and delivered by skilled health professionals.

• People with diabetes need peer support because a life time is feels like an eternity to live with a chronic illness.

Where will your money go?

Diabetes Ireland Clare branch provides;

• Support groups for all people with diabetes so that the old and the newly diagnosed people with diabetes can lean on each other.

• Diabetes Information Event where a medical professional imparts their wisdom on how to make life better with diabetes.

• Support for Diabetes Ireland’s national programmes; Sweetpea kids Club, Teen Activity Day, Structured education courses for people with diabetes.

Or you can decide where you want your money to go by ticking one of these boxes on your sponsorship card;

- Diabetes Ireland Education & Support Services

- Type 1 Research

- Type 2 Research

- Sweetpea Kids Club

- National Teen Activity Day

What do we need from you?

We need people to volunteer to participate in the Clare 10K on Saturday, the 25th June 2011. All the race details are published on www.clare10k.com Sponsorship cards and t-shirts are available by contacting me on mobile 087 641 5747 or by emailing me at clarebranchdfi@gmail.com

If you are unable to volunteer you can sponsor someone who is. You can sponsor me through my fundraising page on http://www.mycharity.ie/event/grainne_flynns_clare10_2011/

Using your credit or laser card.

Every cent counts for us and we would hugely appreciate your support!